Smith Point Bridge
Smith Point Bridge
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Sea Conditions at

Shirley, Long Island New York USA
Latitude 40 degrees 44.29 minutes North
Longitude 72 degrees 52.12 minutes West

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Bay Tide at the Smith Point Bridge.
See note below regarding MSL reference.
Time 06/28 05:18 Highest, last 24 hr Lowest, last 24 hr
Water level 5.4 feet ( 1.7 meters) MSL
6.5 feet NGVD29
5.6 feet ( 1.70 meters) MSL
6.7 feet NGVD29
at 06/27 15:54
4.3 feet ( 1.30 meters) MSL
5.3 feet NGVD29
at 06/27 10:18
Tide Tide is ebbing.
Rate of change: -0.1 feet/hr
(-0.04 meters/hr).
Water temperature 74 deg F (23 deg C) 76 deg F (25 deg C)
at 06/27 17:18
71 deg F (22 deg C)
at 06/27 15:00

Weather Observations at Smith Point Bridge
Time 06/28/16 9:30a EDT  Maximum, last 24 hr Minimum, last 24 hr
Average wind speed 6 mph 18.0 mph
at 12:27a
[no data] mph
at [no data]
Wind gust 18 mph [no data] mph
at [no data]
Wind direction SW : 222 deg true    
STDEV Wind Direction [no data] deg    
Wind speed change - 1 hour trend ND    
Air temperature 68.4 deg F (20.22 deg C) 69.8 deg F (0 deg C)
at 3:37a
68.1 deg F (0 deg C)
Barometric pressure 30 in Hg (1014 mbar) 30 in Hg (0 mbar)
at 1:57a
30 in Hg (0 mbar)
at 7:49a
Barometer - 1 hour trend Steady    


  1. Real-time data are unchecked and preliminary. Please read this disclaimer.
  2. MSL = measurement referenced to Mean Sea Level. Seasonal and weather system biases highly affect estuarine water levels, therefore the MSL datum for this station is preliminary until data are collected over a sufficient length of time to define it accurately.
  3. NGVD29 = measurement referenced to National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929.
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