Merrick station location
Station location

Sea Conditions at

Long Island New York USA
Latitude 40 degrees 38.6 minutes North
Longitude 73 degrees 32.4 minutes West

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STATUS NOTICE Fall 2013: The station at Merrick was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy and has been rebuilt.
Bay Tide
See notes below regarding level references.
Time 06/30 21:30 Highest, last 24 hr Lowest, last 24 hr
Water level 2.1 feet ( 0.6 meters) MSL
3.2 feet NGVD29
2.7 feet ( 0.8 meters) MSL
3.9 feet NGVD29
at 06/30 20:06
-1.6 feet (-0.5 meters) MSL
-0.5 feet NGVD29
at 06/30 13:54
Tide Tide is ebbing.
Rate of change: -0.6 feet/hr
(-0.18 meters/hr).
Water temperature 72 deg F (22deg C) 72 deg F (23deg C)
at 06/30 16:06
69deg F (21 deg C)
at 06/30 08:42
Weather - note times below are GMT (EST+5 hours, EDT+4 hours)
Weather Observations at Merrick, NY, USA
Time Last Updated on Jul 1 2015, 1:40 am BST   Maximum, last 24 hr Minimum, last 24 hr
Average wind speed 10 mph 16 mph
at 12:34am
Wind gust 0 mph [no data] mph
at [no data]
Wind direction Southeast : 137 deg true    
STDEV Wind Direction [no data] deg    
Wind speed change - 1 hour trend ND    
Air temperature 71.1 deg F (21.7 deg C) 71.1 deg F (21.67 deg C)
at 1:20am
69.7 deg F (20.56 deg C)
at 12:06am
Barometric pressure 29 in Hg (1011 mbar) 29 in Hg (0 mbar)
at 1:13am
29 in Hg (0 mbar)
at 12:15am
Barometer - 1 hour trend Steady    


  1. Real-time data are unchecked and preliminary. Please read this disclaimer.
  2. MSL = measurement referenced to Mean Sea Level. Seasonal and weather system biases highly affect estuarine water levels, therefore the MSL datum for this station is preliminary until data are collected over a sufficient length of time to define it accurately.
  3. NGVD29 = measurement referenced to National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929.
  4. Daily precipitation resets at solar midnight (midnight EST, 11:00pm EDT). Heated gauge converts frozen preciptation to liquid equivalent.
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